Saturday, November 22, 2008

Keeping on Keeping on...

So I am still alive...I know I have been extremely horrible at keeping this up to date! Josh and I have been doing really good. Josh and I both celebrated our birthdays and had a great time! Josh has been busy with work and school has been keeping me rather busy as well. I have been working with a wonderful teacher who has let me teach as much as I want. The class of third graders has been really fun and I think that they have taught me more than I have taught them. I will be finishing up my practicum this next week and then one week of classes and the semester will be over! YAY!!! I am really excited to start my student teaching in January. The pictures below are from when we did our family pictures with my side of the family I also added a picture of Josh and I with Monika and Steve when we went to Homecoming! We had a great time going to dinner and the dance with them. Monika and I try to get together at least once a week which can be difficult with crazy schedules like ours...Love ya Monika!

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