Monday, July 21, 2008

Another insane weekend...

The weekend started a little early for me...I drove to Salt Lake on Thursday night so that we could start early Friday morning. I drove to my sister's house and stayed the night and went through some of my old boxes of stuff. Friday morning we drove out to finish up things for centerpieces. We then drove out to finalize cake and reception food orders. After all this we drove out to try on my dress and pick up my dress!!!! Yay! Then my sister and I went and got our hair dyed and nails done since I had bridals Saturday night. I then went to a late night movie (The Dark Night) with my mom and two youngest siblings.
Saturday was another day that started out early-we had a meeting with the florist to finalize things. After that we headed to my sister TeKarri's for a bridal shower. I had lots of family and friends show up and got some great things to start my new family with. Saturday night we did bridals-I would put some up but Josh would see me in my dress :).
Sunday we ended up going to my Grandma's homecoming. She just returned from a mission in the Washington, D.C. temple. It was great to see her but more to hear her and her wonderful wisdom. I am proud to have her as my grandmother. Josh met the rest of my crazy family. We had a great time and it was wonderful to see all my aunts and uncles that I haven't seen for a few months. Below are some pictures of my new hair and one of me and Josh at the homecoming.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good times

This last weekend was a party! Saturday my friend Angie threw a bridal shower for me-it was GREAT!! Even if I answered questions a little differently than Josh :) We played some fun games and got to visit. I even got to feel like a princess!

Sunday Josh and I drove up to Idaho Falls to hear his mission president and wife report on their mission. It was fun to be able to meet some of his old companions. Especially those that were in the MTC with him-these were the guys whose voices I heard and sent some things to right after Josh left on his mission. Altogether there was four of the original MTC group including Josh. Two of them are married and one will be getting married August 1st and then we follow on the 16th! The two pictures below are of the original four and their better halves ;) and then Josh and I with his mission president!
After all of that we drove to Burley and visited with his grandparents. They made us a great dinner and it was fun chatting with them. I can't wait to officially be part of the family!

We then headed back to Logan. All in all we spent about 7 hours in the car :) I ended up with a sunburn on one arm because I was in the passenger seat-but it was all worth it! It was a great weekend that was fun to share with Josh.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. I love this country and all that it stands for. We have a tradition in our family to go to the Western Stampede on July 3rd with my aunts and uncles and their families. This year not everyone was able to make it in the extended family, but it was tons of fun. All my siblings and their families were there!

We always start out the morning of the 4th with a street party on the street behind us. We sing the national anthem as well America the Beautiful and say a prayer before beginning a wonderful breakfast.
After our breakfast Josh and I went to his house to hangout with his family and spend some time with them. We met up with my family for Hancock (good movie by the way)because we always try to see a matinee movie (if a good one has come out). We parted ways with my family and went to barbecue with his. After the barbecue and some more hanging out we decided to go to TeKarri's for fireworks! It was so fun seeing my nephews and seeing them be excited about fireworks. They are growing up way too fast though :) TeKarri and Troy as well as Karli and Russ both bought little shitzu's in the last few weeks-Sir Edward Chewbacca and Jaxson-they are ADORABLE! Both were brought along for the festivities!
After all of this we moved some things on Saturday and then headed back to Logan for one of Josh's friends reception. I also had to work Saturday night. All in all this weekend has made me see how truly blessed I am-both in the country that I live in and with the family I have been blessed with.

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